kickstart b2b sales with outbound

We Deliver Your Value Proposition to Targeted Decision-Makers and Use Algorithms to Find Interested Prospects

We Source 1,000s of Leads That Match Your Ideal Customer Profile

Our Cendbot software queries over 429M business contacts to find leads that best fit your product’s Ideal Customer Profile. Forget about spending hours researching leads. Simply help us understand your Ideal Customer Profile and let Cendbot find exactly what you need.


We Build a Multi-Phase, Behaviorally Responsive Email Campaign

We use our Cendbot software to build a multi-email, multi-phase, behaviorally responsive campaign that will deliver your value proposition directly to decision-makers that match your ideal customer profile.  No need for you to learn software, navigate email nuances, or monitor inbox placement rates. We do all the heavy lifting.  You focus on closing more deals.


We Craft Killer Emails for Your Campaign

Our creative team has years of experience writing emails and subject lines that work.  They work with behavioral psychologists and language experts to incorporate the most emotive language into your campaign.  And our Cendbot software enables excellent personalization with multiple mail-merge fields.


Our Software Builds a Detailed Activity Feed For Each Prospect

Although Cendbot monitors content performance, does A/B testing, and tracks open rates like other email automation software, its main focus is on determining each prospect’s level of interest. To understand and ultimately score each prospect’s level of interest, Cendbot monitors over 20 parameters to build a detailed activity feed. As prospects progress through an email campaign, Cendbot monitors and records every aspect of their behavior.


We Use Proprietary Algorithims to Measure Interest

Cendbot doesn’t just monitor opens and clicks like most other marketing automation programs. Cendbot continuously monitors each prospect’s activity and uses proprietary algorithims to measure and score each prospect’s level of interest. Your sales team simply follows-up with prospects that already know your product and are interested. No more cold calling!


We Deliver Interested Prospects Directly to Your Sales Development Team

We will deliver warm prospects to your sales development team in the format you require or will integrate directly with your CRM so that you can incorporate our process directly into your sales development process. No more researching leads or cold-calling. Your valuable SDRs can get right to work on warm prospects.