Our Recipe for Kickstarting B2B Sales & Marketing

We’ve heard and seen a lot of hype over the past 25 years about new sales & marketing techniques that require little effort and cost but miraculously drive demand and fill a sales funnel.

We’ve tried most of these trendy approaches, including inbound marketing, SEO, twitter, LinkedIn groups, and a host of others. After spending thousands of hours and dollars testing these approaches, we’ve concluded that – done right – outbound email is the best method to kickstart B2B sales & marketing.

In retrospect, we could have skipped all the experimentation, cost, and time, because outbound email just makes sense.

Think about it:

Every business person has an email address.

According to a recent Forbes survey, 78% of business people check their email frequently throughout the day, 66% say it’s the first thing they do in the morning, and 10% check their emails on weekends.

Every business person is looking to solve their top 2 or 3 problems.

If you deliver a solution directly to them via the channel they monitor the most, you will generate demand and kickstart sales.



Our Leadership Team








Dave has spent 20+ years selling and building high performance sales teams for Fortune 500 technology companies, start-ups, and many companies in-between. Dave has developed B2B sales processes that have enabled his teams to accelerate sales growth and exceed revenue objectives that ranged from $20M to $400M.

Ciaran has been selling, developing B2B sales systems, and sales automation software for over 15 years. He is a software developer that has used his deep understanding of sales to systematize, automate, and scale the sales process. He is the chief architect of the sales automation platform used by Outbound Assist.

Scott has been selling and managing successful sales teams for close to 20 years for some of the biggest names in technology and aftermarket services. He is a study in the psychology of successful sales teams and has created a winning mentality across numerous sales organizations. Scott keeps the Outbound Assist team engaged and motivated.