outbound lead generation Service

Behavioral Lead Scoring Driven by AI

We Deliver Your Value Proposition to Thousands of Decision-Makers and Use AI to Identify Interested Prospects

outbound lead Generation Service

We Deliver Your Value Proposition to Thousands of Decision-Makers and Use AI to Identify Interested Prospects

“In  just a few months, the Outbound Assist team reached out to hundreds of decision-makers in our target market and helped us build a great sales pipe, including 60 late-stage pursuits and several closed deals.”

Caitriona Ni Ealaithe
MD – Revisii

More Lead Generation – Less Sales Development Cost

  • We find the right decision-makers from a database of 400M leads
  • We engage them in a customized email campaign
  • We use AI to identify interested prospects
  • We deliver interested prospects to your sales team

Your sales team focuses on warm-calling prospects that are already educated on and interested in your product.

“Within a few months we were bringing in deals with completely new clients. Our sales increased to more than double our historical CAGR, and our profit margins improved because of the low cost versus benefit of the Outbound Assist service.”

Gary Polcyn
President – Polcyn Construction Engineering

Clients Use Outbound Assist To:

Generate More Leads

Sales is a numbers game. The more leads you put into the top of your sales funnel, the more closed deals that will come out of the bottom of the funnel. To fill your sales funnel with high quality leads, you need large-scale campaigns that get directly to decision-makers in your target market. Outbound Assist creates outbound campaigns that get to more decision-makers faster and identify interested leads with predictive analytics.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Many organizations are not cognizant of their customer acquisition costs. To increase revenue, they simply add more salespeople. But paying high-priced sales executives to carry out all aspects of the sales process is an expensive proposition. Outbound Assist enables you to apply more efficient resources to lead development. This increases sales efficiency and decreases the cost of acquiring customers.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Neglecting the constant care and feeding of a qualified lead lengthens your sales cycle. But Who’s keeping your qualified leads engaged and your product top-of-mind while your sales executives are elsewhere closing deals? Outbound Assist’s sales programs deliver relevant content throughout the buying cycle to keep your hot prospects engaged and progressively educated between sales visits. When your sales executive does visit, he/she can focus on closing and not reeducating.

Build a Dependable Revenue Engine

On average, only 2% of leads end up as closed deals, so achieving your revenue objectives is a numbers game that requires a lot of effort to keep your sales pipe filled and revenue dependable. But who’s developing leads when your sales execs are off closing deals? Outbound Assist manages lead development so that your sales execs can stay focused on closing without slowing down your sales pipe.

Augment Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is great if a potential customer is searching for a solution, but what if they’re not searching and don’t know who you are? Outbound Assist augments inbound marketing programs with cost-effective, large-scale, targeted outbound campaigns that take your product directly to decision-makers, creating product awareness, generating demand, and increasing sales leads.

Nurture Leads

Only a small percent of marketing efforts catch a lead during a buying cycle. Leads that aren’t in a buying cycle are generally overlooked in favor of short-term revenue. But these warm leads are a rich source of future revenue. Outbound Assist keeps warm leads engaged and educated on your product. When they enter a buying cycle, your product will be top-of-mind.

After building a huge sales pipe in a year, including several big deals closed, we’re happy to announce that our client, Pacific Avionics, was acquired by Rockwell Collins.